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Book Review: Gotham High

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

I received a copy of Gotham High from DC comics in exchange for an honest review.

Rating: 3/5 This graphic novel is a fast read with absolutely gorgeous illustrations. I enjoyed the diversity and I feel like they did a good job of creating believable teenagers out of classic DC characters. I did find some aspects a bit cliche, particularly naming products to show how rich Bruce is. Even though it's a minor thing, I found myself getting pulled from the story just enough to be mildly annoyed at the references. I was hoping for more from the female cast. Honestly it felt like the women were all portrayed as lying, conniving people. Whereas the men who were participating in shady practices still had redeeming personality traits and you felt more compelled to feel sorry for them. My favorite portrayal in this book is Jack. I enjoyed the layers to his character and would like to see further into his life and the way he thinks. Overall, I'm giving this a 3 because I feel like it could've been stronger and I wish we had at least one female character that was portrayed as strong and independent without it being negative.

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