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Celebrating Mother's Day with YA Book Moms!

1. Molly Weasley (Harry Potter)

The epitome of MOM. She birthed and raised SEVEN children, including Fred and George... the strength of this woman! Molly is protective and loving, with a firm hand. She takes no BS, and will end you if you mess with her children.

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2. Narcissa Malfoy (Harry Potter)

Despite her shortcomings, she is incredibly protective of her son. She binds Severus with the Unbreakable Vow in the hopes of protecting Draco, and she lies to Voldemort, the most feared Wizard in the world, about Harry being dead so that she can see her son again and make sure he's safe. That took a lot of courage.

3. Lily Potter (Harry Potter)

Yeah, the Harry Potter books have a lot of brave moms, and Lily certainly makes that list. The whole reason that Harry survives Voldemort's first attack is because of Lily's sacrifice and her love for her son. That energy carries on with Harry and her loves helps him through more than one battle.

4. Jocelyn Fairchild (The Mortal Instruments)

Jocelyn went on the run from Valentine to protect herself and Clary after seeing what he'd done to their first child. She remained incredibly protective of Clary, sometimes to what some might consider the detriment of her daughter, but she did what she thought was best. An artist and all around intelligent woman, she put safety measures in place, in the event Valentine ever found them. Through difficult decisions and a traumatic past, she reminded strong and did her best to keep her daughter safe.

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5. Mia McCabe (A Constellation of Roses)

Mia McCabe has a talent for baking delicious pies—Never-Lonely Lemon, Bracing Blueberry, Ardent Apple—that give those who partake a mental boost. Her gift allows her to help those around her, and she loves to do it. When she takes in Trix, the daughter of her deceased brother, we see how deep Mia's caring nature runs. Trix is in trouble, and she's lived an incredibly tough life. Mia is determined to give Trix a new start with a loving family and a safe place to exist.

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6. Baghra Morozova (The Grisha Trilogy)

Baghra is rough and snarky; on the surface, she isn't kind. In fact, she can be brutal with her training methods. The mother of The Darkling has lived a long and difficult life with her son, but she never lost her love for him. Beneath her walls, underneath the snark and sass, she's a teacher determined to help Alina, and a mother who wishes to see her son brought out of the darkness. To the very end, her hidden softness for her pupils and her child drove her to action despite the consequences.

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