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Book Review: The Raven and The Dove


Thank you so much to Kaitlyn Davis for providing a free copy in exchange for an honest review! The Raven and the Dove is a unique take on fantasy tropes, with a fascinating magic system and lush world building. The Houses represented by various typed of birds allows for gorgeous character descriptions and interesting avian traits, as well as a hierarchy related to breed, and the god they serve. I enjoyed the variety of characters and felt that most of them were fleshed out and not at all forgettable. Princess Lyana is bright and mischievous, and a likable character all around. We have characters running from soft and intelligent, to rough and brooding. Characters you love, and some you want to shake and just ask why. The book is fairly fast paced, and, while some of the prose is overdone and telling more than we need, it doesn't slow the book down or make you want to stop reading. Overall, I enjoyed The Raven and the Dove, and look forward to book two!

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