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Editing Services

I offer a variety of freelance editing services, including package deals, to accommodate all authors.

Manuscript Critique

$10 per 1000 words


Once you've finished your manuscript, you need to know where to focus your revisions. I will carefully read your work and point out aspects that affect the story overall (big-picture). You will receive an analysis of your plot, pacing, clarity, dialogue, descriptions, characterization, and world-building if applicable. I'll address what I like about your work, and what I would suggest strengthening. 

While the letter you will receive from me is quite thorough, I do offer comments in the manuscript for an additional fee. This does not include text changes, but it will consist of comments at the end of each chapter (or page for shorter work) to let you know what worked and didn't, and if there's anything that left me excited, skeptical, confused, or underwhelmed. 

Developmental Editing

$40 per 1000 words


Addresses the following:
• Plot
• Showing vs. telling
• Setting and “worldbuilding”
• Characterization
• Character motivation
• Pacing
• Dramatic tension and conflict
• Narrative tone and language
• Theme
• Dialogue
• Point of View consistency
• Overall structure

You will receive a letter that states all suggested edits and inconsistencies I found in the story. You will also receive two hours of follow up correspondence to clarify, discuss, and review edits. 


Line Editing

$30 per 1000 words


Line editing includes a line by line reading of your project, and addresses the following:


  • Structure of your sentences. 

  • Use of language.​

  • Suggest changes to awkward or confusing sentences.​

  • Make notations and pose questions when something is unclear or doesn’t make sense. ​

  • Note redundancies and make suggestions for alternate wording and/or cuts.​

  • Word repetition and wordiness.

Package specials combining multiple services are available, message me for details!

Blurb Editing


So you've written your novel, and you are ready to get it out into the world! 

When your synopsis goes up on Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and any other website you so choose, you want a blurb that is going to grab the reader's attention. I can help you produce and polish a spectacular synopsis that will entice readers and leave them wanting more of your book!

I will work closely with you throughout the editing process to provide a finished product you will be thrilled with. This will include suggested edits of your blurb, including rewording and cuts. I will also make suggestions if more content is needed. Depending on your needs, we can have a winning blurb ready in as little as a day!


$20 per 1000 words


  • Correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, and syntax errors. 

  • Ensure consistency in spelling, names, and other details such as settings and character appearance. 

Blog Post / Article Editing 

$25 per 1000 words

Blog post and article editing includes grammar, spelling, and punctuation, as well as content.

Additional $25 per 1000 words If you require research verification or citation checks. 

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